Frequently asked Questions

​1. Do you offer Weeekend and late evening appointments for therapy?

Unfortunately not. Dr. Shital's availability for therapy appointments is limited and mostly during the school hours. There are very few late evening appointments that she reserves for older elementary school/early middle school children. She provides school excuse notes for absences/early withdrawals from school.

2. ​How long are your waiting lists?

Depending on the time of the year, We are usually booked 1-2 months out. Dr. Shital believes in early intervention and thinks that you need to get services as soon as you can. If she is booked out, she will usually provide options for other psychologists in her network. 

3. I am concerned about my child and I need a professional opinion about my child's issues. I am not sure if  I am an anxious parent or if his issues are concerning.

If you are concerned about your child's issues and are not sure about seeking services, please do no hesitate to call Dr. Shital for an initial phone consult to discuss how Dr. Shital could help you.